Alle publikasies van motse mohlapo . Johannesburg , Republiek van Suid-A


Motse Bethuel Mohlapo founder of Infinity consulting made his own research regarding 5G Technology have found it dangerous to Human's immune system. The world is concerned about 5G Technology.

The fake corona virus lockdown is being used to secret install 5G technology everywhere worldwide to kill us. 5G can cause lots of symptoms, all due to radiation. We are worth more dead than alive according to their fake monetary system - they are going to earn millions from cashing in our Death certificates.

They are using the shutdown to build or put in mobile incinerators and morgues to take all the 5G victims. When people start dying in masses from 5G they will call it corona virus.

Then if you're still alive, many will ask for vaccines. The vaccines will also kill us.Those continuing to use a mobile 'phone will be zapped (to death) when they go for the big kill. Those that died in China were both vaccinated and mobile 'phone users.

Here is a news release including the report about firefighters who encountered issues when towers were placed close by (our kids aren't quite firefighters yet). Note the attitude of the politicians protecting the Corporations.

A rather disturbing selection of words showing more of the political/corporate attitude towards the concerns/science -

SouthAfricans let us wake up we can fight this. Our people are dying everyday. We can't compromise. We love our government but we can't compromise at all we deserve life and freedom. Family let us Unite and fight this whilst we still can.

Please also follow the following link as it is part of my research I've made.

The world is willing to demolish all the towers as they are harmful to Human's immune system.

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