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Miss Environment South Africa

After making it to top 5 in Miss Malamulele, the qualified Environmentalist Risuna Chauke decided to start her own beauty pageant, Risuna Chauke is passionate about the environment as well as modeling.

"I wanted to do something that will involve both my passion and my career so I decided to create this platform to give young women an opportunity to learn about the importance of the environment, how we can protect it and be able to educate everyone in the Country through campaignings and awareness-raising on different aspects of the environment and this was just perfect and fullfilling for me" she said

Her organization aims on raising awareness,Educating people and inspiring young women and men to live a sustainable life. Together with her team they are hosting their first event on the 29th Aug 2020 with their theme being Climate change and they are very excited about it, You can get in touch with her via email [email protected] or Instagram @missenvironmentsa

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