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Light that serves as the answer to the issue has been carried ahead concerning an extremely critical issue although with respect to what it is or who has done bring it forward, is not yet known. Let some enlighten you just about all areas that really relates along with it.

As the journey of being taught has not ceased, the idea of transformation has been single very shared phenomenon one needed to be oriented upon or else about perhaps due to its importance. Change has been turned into a habit by businesses but then not in their overall activities which constitutes the matter at hand. In addition, it possesses great outcomes for certain and not so well for others but that does not alter the fact that it can be realized.

The issue in question is that it has become the norm for firms to wish to consider experience whenever they are involved with the hiring process. It is perfectly clear and obvious that the unemployment rate of South Africa has no desire to aid our economy through itself lowering. So, if it occurs that the employers, play a part in putting act of significant change, a lot can be accomplished.

A reflection on the subject points out a one-million-dollar question which is “WHERE DO CANDIDATES WHO APPLY FOR A JOB GET EXPERIENCE IF IT IS REQUIRED IN ORDER FOR THEM TO BE EMPLOYED?”. The system which we have grown accustomed to of doing stuff in the same manner as we do them, do not necessarily meet us half-way to the extent that it discourages individuals. In such a way that new thoughts are dismissed and are not regarded since they have not been put in place before, which is an issue that has driven the nation in no motion to achieve what it seeks to.

However, the pandemic (Covid-19) which is widely acknowledged compelled us to change the way of doing things. Because even the leader of the country had to partake in measures that ensures it is a win-win situation for everyone. If it has taken place without a benefit of a doubt that means that we can even, adjust the approaches which on employment through not prioritizing the experience whenever it is required to recruit.

This is to call on a nation that its leader should address its people on the issue discussed above, to demonstrate as to how much could be of triumph if just that it puts a portrait of what we might be lost to by our ignorance to change. All of this brings the concept of sustainability into place, as the term is all about not compromising the needs of the coming generation by putting a focus of the current. In addition, decisions which we normally take is reflected in the outcomes or in the current state of the future.

Infrastructure has been a commodity that inserts so greatly in our economy and the one that the state has invested much in. Moment has come for a change, whereby money can be invested in training for establishments to even consider those who did not seem to qualify for any jobs. Eventually, this will be of a benefit to most of the country, as less people become unemployed resulting in the stimulation of the economy( Economics sense is that more people at labour, more people have money to spend on goods & services and sustain themselves).

We might be yet the victims of a pandemic but that does not necessarily mean we cannot accomplish whatsoever we put our mind to - having change in mind of course. Change has always been the new norm but chosen to be neglected. So, it remains within our responsibility on whether we pursue it or become resistant to it. Lastly when we work collectively and together nothing is to come against us no matter what. All shall be flourished, slowly but surely.

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