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"It all started as a dream, now i get to live in it". Words coming from a multi talented young man. Don't waste your breath by hating ZAIN TAURAZ, He's very focused and he probably won't recognize you.

A South African rare breed, Tokollo Masha also known as "ZAIN TauraZ" becomes the leader of the new wave. He dropped an EP in late November 2018 titled "StarLove".

The project caused a massive wave in his area. He got alot of Radio Interviews, people trying to know and understand the person behind this international standard music.

He made alot of engagement with his fans after that project and he hasn't released another one yet. We asked him "It's been quiet some time since the fans heard from you, are you working on an Album". He replied " Ofcourse I'm working on an Album, something bigger and better. I had to be in competition with myself, so i can better what i did last time. I had my own ups and downs through out the year, always in studio trying to get all the sounds right, it's hard but as we know it's worth it at the end. I might drop 2 Full Albums this year just to make up for the last 2 years of silence" .

Seems like this young man is coming to blow everybody away. He opened a record label and an advertising/marketing company called "AstroKiidz" and signed himself. He said he's not looking foward to sign anyone yet because he wants to focus more on pushing himself as a brand and musician.

Girls seem to be interested in this young man and some even throw themselves at him but he's never shifting his focus. He said "I appreciate all the support i get from the girls, but they must respect my private life as much as i respect theirs". He didn't want to discuss his love life further but seems like there's a lucky woman involved, whom he's only putting his attention on.

As we continue to interview ZAIN TauraZ, we realise something about him. ZAIN TauraZ is very enlightened and conscious about everything. He feeds himself with knowledge which is not easily accessible but very useful and powerful. He never stops learning.

We overheard that R3, which stands for "Real Recognizes Real" could be the name of his Debut Album. We hope to be right because that is such a very attractive caption for an Album.

To know and hear more about ZAIN TauraZ follow him on Instagram @ZAIN.TauraZ_SA On his facebook page @ZAIN TauraZ and on Twitter @LaZain_SA

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