Alle publikasies van John Papiki . Warmbaths , South Africa


This is the story a boy from bela bela,who grew up in a poor family by the name John Kgomo, he started realizing his writing talent at the age of 12, he used to write poetry and a bit of drawing hence the drawing was not that good.

At the age of 16 he started compiling a book, but it started like a joke, untill he decided to focus strongly on it.

He wrote until 60 pages and he felt motivated to continue and he kept the faith that he willake it a success.

Due to financial problems he thought this was all a joke and decided to quit but he kept on going.

At the age of 28 after 12 years he finally published it, it was published on the 16th of March 2020.

The name of the book is "Learn to love"

The book if found on Smashwords and Amazon, please get yourself a copy or contact John for more options at +27718385436

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