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What Exactly is 5G?

5G is the next generation wireless network technology that we are expecting to change the way we live and work for good. It is designed to greatly increase the speed and response of wireless networks, we will see exponentially faster download and upload speed. By estimate data transmitted over wireless connection can travel as high as 20 gigabits per second (Gbps). This network will allow a large number of devices to access the mobile internet at the same time. With 5G whatever we can do with our mobile devices at the moment, we will be able to do much faster and better. It will first operate in conjunction with the existing 4G networks before it evolves to a fully standalone network as coverages are expanded.

How Will It Change Everything?

5G will drive entirely new services and business models we don't know of yet. In the process unlocking technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will enable businesses to improve their operations and identify new revenue streams. It will drive the smart cities of the future. Tech companies around the globe declare that 5G will transform the world for the better, its adoption might take years but it will change how the world is connected and the manner in which businesses are conducted and managed and this will go beyond the technology sector.

5G For Businesses.

This emerging network will provide businesses with so much more than just faster internet speed, though. When added to existing 4G network and combined with other next generation technologies like Internet Of Things (IoT), 5G will alter the DNA of user experience in dramatic and exciting ways that is from retail to financial services, transportation to manufacturing, to healthcare and beyond. 5G will also change the landscape of what's possible for modern businesses and the ones able to adapt and adopt quicker than their competitors will reap the reward. Because of the increased end-user speeds the network will offer it will be able to accommodate and improve the work habits such as remote working, sharing of files and communication capabilities. Therefore it is important for business to identify the key areas for growth and invest heavily in delivering the best products and services possible with the help of 5G technologies.

Benefits Of 5G To Education.

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