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The biggest loser finally wins and now helps others WIN


"As a child, I dreamt of winning.The older I became, I desired/yearned to WIN in love. There was a deep zeal to have a life full of achieved dreams and success.However, I kept losing repeatedly.

I am now WINNING, and through this book and drawing from my own story, I want to bring more women to the Winning side of love & life.

I've come to learn that the journey to winning is not "obstacles" free. It is sometimes full of mistakes, failures, losses, heartbreaks, fear, doubt, lack of self-love, nasty titles, and spotlights.

And if we are to WIN, we should run our races with the intent of WINNING.

No matter what we come across when running our races, we should KEEP GOING...", says Lebogang

Award holding lawyer & relationship coach, Adv. Lebogang Segola announces the forthcoming release of her book, " SHE IS AN OVERCOMER: How boldness in saying goodbye to my mistake, and practicing self-love helped me WIN & can help you WIN".

A book to help women break free from the chains of their mistakes, practice self-love and WIN in love & life.

The book will be released on the 1st December 2021.

The book is dedicated to women worldwide who are held captive by their past mistakes, lack self-love and desire lasting love.

Although the book is written for women, it will also benefit church leaders/pastors, singles, married couples, and parents of rebellious children.

The book is available for pre-orders from O-Books, a division of Overcomer's Headquarters PTY LTD; [email protected]; 295 pages; R250.00.

For more information about the book, please visit

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