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No Physics, no life!

You probably experience physics every day, in fact every second of your life. From eating your breakfast up to going to sleep. Basically my point is, without the presence of Physics, we would be a stranger to life.

Learning about Physics is very fundamental to our way of living. These are some of the reasons why you need to;

  • Makes you aware of how things work
  • You improve your problem-solving
  • Makes you use your Mathematical skills
  • Gives you good job opportunities

This subject by itself is very intriguing as it reveals interesting facts about life.

Information(interesting facts) on how the world works, such as why you weigh less on the moon than on earth.

Physics answers your prolonged questions about life.

Like how cats always land on their feet when they fall or how you would be better off surviving from an explosion of a grenade on land than underwater, crazy right?

If you love Mathematics, its very unlikely that you will hate Physics.

More importantly, Physics can open various job opportunities for you. Some of these are;

*Software Engineer

*Mechanical Engineer

*Data Analyst



Conclusively, Physics is the foundation of life and you and I are involved in it in many more ways than you know.

That is why learning it will be very exciting and beneficial. Now ask yourself, would there there be life without Physics? Would you even have been able to read this article if there was no Physics?

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